Privacy Policy

My blog  is a personal lifestyle blog that aims to provide free articles and information.

The blog is completely free of political and religious views, advertising/promoting or selling.

Visitors can use the website anonymously. Therefore it does not ask, collect or store any personal data of its users/vistors. This means it does not ask users/visitors for:

  • personal information
  • personal addresses
  • credit card, bank account or payment information
  • registration to access the website

However it will ask of your  name/nickname or email address, if you want to:

  • comment on posts
  • fill our and use the contact form
  • susbscribe for post updates via email

The good news is your name/nickname and email address will not be stored nor used for any pusposes, other then personalizing the vistors experience. No emails will be send for promotion unless the user has subscribed to recieve post updates by email.

Save & happy surfing 🙂




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