26815007_1333721033399151_3324654013446202516_nHey there! My name is Nadya. I m a bulgarian, vegeterian, running addict and health obsessed with seasonal food and based in Stockholm, Sweden – the land of vikings.

I am a bio-engineer by profession and naturally a researcher by heart. All information I seek and encounter must be proved and validated and reproduced. As such the information I provide must be credible as well. I seek the truth and all about it when it comes to health, life and development.

I have created Pinkistik to share my journey and ideas of personal-development, healthy lifestyle and sustainable living.

Pinkistik is not about the color pink neither it implies I am pink from head to toe. Even though I do like baby pink color. Rather it refers to a lifestyle –  make your life better, make it Pinkistik 😉

I am a vegeterian. I have been so for almost 4 years. I eat both raw and cooked food, and animal products such as milk, cheese and eggs. I love animals and I want them to live and not have them in my dish for dinner. But I believe that what they produce, aka their milk and eggs,  are perfectly natural to eat as much as the fruits and vegetables produced by plants. One is not different then the other. As long as both animals and plants are well-treated.

My biggest passions are good food and cooking, sports & running and artsinterior designing! Big part of my time at home is spent on arranging, styling and improving my home.  Here you can find a lot of my ideas and designs as well as many other things that affect my life.

All information here and images are produced by me, unless stated otherwise.





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