Home project: Bathroom in Marble Grey

Here is my final project of my 67 sq. m. apartment in Sofia with rooms in different colors and…. a bathroom in Grey 🙂 True at the time, Fifty shades of Grey was very popular, but that is not the inspiration of the design. I was particularly fond of a neutral color bathroom that would fit the rest of the apartment design and not create too much colors in excess – a balance of colors. 🙂 And when you have tiles of grey tones it is so easy to pop colors of bathrobes, towels and soaps in any matching colors a person wants!! 🙂 For example pink, blue or purple. The bathroom was not the easiest part to design but it was easier then the kitchen for sure. What I was mostly worried about was not to make it overcrowded with things, cause it is a small bathroom and wanted it to have enough space. So I went with smaller sink and cupboards and a shower curtain instead of a shower-cabin. Though a thin glass could fit as well to separate the shower and the rest. But I am not particularly fond of shower-cabins since they collect mold neither glass in the bathroom since it collects spots and calk from the water and needs regular hard-core cleaning to keep it transparent and shiny. So the matching minimalist grey curtain with some text on it was the best option in my opinion 🙂

And here are my tips for a modern stylish and shiny  bathroom:

  • Use neutral colors for tiles: marble, grey, sand, black, white. In this way you can always change the spot colors any colors you want and it will always match. And fits every taste pretty much.
  • Pop spot on colors in matching styles and colors through  the towels, bathroobe, soaps, carpet, shower-curtain.
  • Avoid too many things on the shelfs and on the sink. Basically avoid clutter. Make sure you have an appropriate cupboard where you can store this things.
  • Do not place cleaning stuff visible in the bathroom.
  • Add spot on lights if possible. It always looks good in bathrooms.
  • Use a large mirror. It creates more space if the bathroom is small.
  • Hide the pipes while renovating or building the bathroom. Old bathrooms have pipes visible and that doesn’t always look stylish unless you want it to look hipsterish 😉




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