Home-Project: Custom-designed Kitchen in Lime Green and White

My custom-made kitchen, my design, my pride. The ktichen most important place of a home where most of the time gets to be spent. Or so do I.  So naturally it needs to be spacious, practical, functional, stylish and cozy. When I was looking for a kitchen models for my kitchen, I couldn’t really find ready-made ones that would satisfy me. However I saw one kitchen design in lime green which I liked but needed slight modifications. So that’s how my custom-made kitchen was born.  I decided to design my kitchen to the smallest detail and have it custom-made by a carpenter with the help of my father.

Here I sharing my steps and tips of how I designed my custom-made kitchen even though I am not an interior designer by profession:

  • I measured the room
  • Decided on how much space I need for all the stuff I have in the kitchen with the taught of a space for each of the things I want in there. That includes:
    • sink
    • electric appliances such as oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, maybe washing machine as well (yes, in Bulgaria washing machines happen to be quite often in the kitchen)
    • cupboards and drawers for cutlery, cups, dishes, vessels, dry food, cleaning appliances, waste, and other necessary things
    • large board and space for cutting and preparing food
    • fit a dining area with a round table and chairs
  • when all this is thought through, i started drafting it how the room will look on a paper with all the measures in account
  • After the draft is ready, i decided on the design of the cupboard and drawers. I wanted them with a bit of a twist and a bit non-traditional, so I designed the cupboards doors to open bottom to top, as a Ferrari car for example.
  • The last thing was to decide to the style of the kitchen, be it modern or old-fashioned . I decided to leave it simple and clean, leaning towards Scandinavian simplicity and more modern design.
  • Then I decided on the colors. For me it was easy, I wanted it Lime Green! But I broke with white to be able to match it with the rest of the kitchen stuff. Now we also have to be careful to match the colors with the floor and the large board as well the table and chairs from the dining area. That was not an easy task at all. But somehow I managed to make it all fit. The large board and the floor I brought in wood and light brown neutral creamy colors, more natural. The table and chairs I left in off-white. The table was ordered ready-made but the chairs I had custom-made in white wood and light brown textile to break the white wave and to fit the rest –  the large board and floor. At the end you have naturally looking kitchen as if nature walked into it straight from the forest! 😀

With some adjustments and guidance from my father who is a construction engineer, and the carpenter,  the kitchen came to life! And I am extremely proud of the result. 🙂

At the end as a finish, comes attention to the small details, that give the finish touch. For example, my cutlery (you cannot see it on the picture) are with lime green color, some dishes and cups as well and candles. Some extra things can be added with a bit of green touch as pictures on the wall and some shelves for cooking books and  flower pots. Then it is all complete and very fresh 🙂 😉




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