STHLM Trail Run


After 1 year pause I m back on the running tracks. This is a recap post on my first trail run which is part of  my Run challange 2018. The STHLM Trail Run was more challanging then I could have expected.  Oh my! What a run! This was the hardest 5km in my life so far! Not knowing initially what to expect, I took this 5km quite unprepared. Being used to run in the city and parks on relatively flat surface. This trail was in the forest with muddy and narrow trails, slippery, full of tree roots and stones on the way and many people clumping together in the narrow passages. That was nothing compared to the elevation gains. One of the hills that had to be conquered was 91m steep high! Good enough for ski-jumping! I thought I was climbing Everest on a hot day! Let alone run it! I wasn’t the only one walking it…. but there could have been only one running it. My 5km was done in 46 min! Couldn’t have been more demanding considering the hard track. But definitely a good warm up for the upcoming challanges.



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