Home Styling: Winter Season’s Details

I can say that besides the summer, THIS now is my favourite time of the year- The Christmas season.  It is the time of being at home. And that means making the home as cozy as possible,  There is no other time of the year where being at home is as cozy as now. A pair of wollen socks, soft blanket, hot cup of coffee or tea with cinnamon taste,  candle lights, and with nearest and dearest,  create this perfect danish style ”hyggelig” atmosphere. Or the swedish style ”mysigt”. Just add some season sepecific decoration details to bring up the season’s mood. Here are my tips and ideas to create cozy Christmas feeling without overdoing.

  • Less is more. I prefer smaller details here and there that bring up the mood and atmosphere. Too much decoration will most likely create disturbance, rather then cozines. I would always go for subtle details that blend into the home decor but yet get noticed.
  • White and silver/or white and gold are mostly my colors of choice with some dark red details. Depending on what style the home is decorated, these color combinations will always go well with the rest than would the red and white.
  • Lots of candles.  Candles are the number one detail that brings up the cozy feeling.
  • Re-use the christmas decoration year after year. No need to really buy new decoration every year. Christmas decor  does not go out of fashion like clothes. It can be re-used. Thus saves money and is environmentally more friendly.
  • No place and money for a Christmas tree? Use a big all year round plant,  Just add some lights and there you have it. It does the job very well. 🙂

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5image 6image 7image 8image 9image 10image 11

Happy And Cozy Holidays!

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