Home project: Styling a Small Living Room in Grey and Pink


My first ever apartment that I got on my own in Stockholm.  A reflection back in time on my home design project. When you live in a studio of 38sq. meters the living room is the most important space in this small household. And the most used space in a home generally speaking. I wanted to style my living room in grey and pink. I was looking for ideas and models. But it was quite hard to find what I was looking for. Home styling magazines offer ideas for way larger living rooms and usually on a much upper scale. I wanted some ideas for a smaller living room, something more simple and ordinary, yet looking good and cozy. Collecting all the tips and ideas from magazines, and online, and putting my own improvisation efforts mostly – the living room that I wanted appeared.  Here I am posting the final results of styling a small living room grey and pink in a small apartment.

Some tips and ideas – What I learned during styling a living room in a compact home with in grey and nuances of pink:

  • Keep the walls and furniture in bright, white colors to give the feeling of space and light
  • Place a lot of cushions and blankets on the couch
  • Place a lot of candles. As many as you can, for cozy evenings
  • Use long transparent curtains to let the light in and let them touch the ground for extra coziness
  • Combine different shades of pink, white and beige of cushions, blankets, curtains and candles
  • Grey, white and pink seem to go very well together for textile
  • Get rid of unessesary things. Yes! It is a small house and even if you wish to keep all the things you want and need, you might need to get rid of some and leave only the ones you most need and use.

Here I am sharing the result of the transformation of my living room with pictures before and after.

Living room before and after version 1
Living room – before & after – version 1
living room version 2 with foor to the walk-in-closet
Living room – version 2 with door to the walk-in-closet
living room -inner view with entrance to the sleeping area
Living room – inner view with entrance to the sleeping area
living room-window view with entrance to the kitchen
Living room – window view with entrance to the kitchen
entrance to the dining area of the kitchen-bookshelf with alcohol cabinet
Entrance to the dining area of the kitchen/Bookshelf corner
artists corner
Artist’s corner

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